Lia Yue

About me

My Values

Before moving to the United States, I worked at a design consultancy as a graphic designer, which allowed me to practice visual design and how to work with managers and clients. As a result of this experience, and in combination with helping people feel more comfortable using products, encouraged me to obtain a degree in Design with more focus in product design.

I have earned myself a Bachelor's Degree of the Arts in Design from UC Davis, which has aided me in my pursuit to help individuals and companies aesthetically express their vision. I take great pride in my ability to listen with curiosity and empathy to create something that goes beyond meeting people’s needs, making the product more personal.

By combining my passion for design and my ability to pinpoint people’s emotions when using a product, I am able to address the core of the emotion that they are trying to convey and improve the product in a way that enables them to communicate their feelings.


In my free time, I love to take portrait photos for my friends and clients. I do not follow any specific beauty standard and I am willing to adapt myself to any individual request that fulfill their needs. I see people as art. I always relate photography with design in which my attention and concern for the person is in focus. In photography, my portraits capture the essence of the person in frame; while in design, I capture the needs and voices of my users. In caring first for the needs of the individual behind the design or the photo I infuse my work with life and an inherent appreciation for life. I am currently exploring food photography as a hobby, so I am learning cooking and baking!

Thank you for reading about me and my work! If you would like to know more about the process in which I design, information of doing so can be found down below. I really look forward to hearing from you and creating with you!